Saturday, August 22, 2009

this and that...

Well, next week is the start of a new school year, and I will be back to work. I'm working four days a week, and have many different feelings about going back to work. I'm nervous, excited,'s all bittersweet because I will miss Addison but I do enjoy my job! She's staying with an in home sitter that's 2 minutes from my school, so I can stop in and see her on my lunch break if it doesn't upset her when I have to leave again. So, keep Addison and I in your prayers during this transition time.

This last week, I had inservice. So, my mom and grandmother came to town to watch Addison for me this first week. I got spoiled with having them cook a couple of dinners, clean my house, and love on my baby girl!! I think having them watch her this first week definitely helped me prepare for next week. Here are a few pictures from the past week or two.

Four generations of women in the family.

Addison is teething, so she will put anything in her mouth and chomp down. Here is Addison chewing on the top of a baby Tylenol bottle that has the little chewy "bulb" on top. My mom gave her that to chew on in the car when she was getting a little fussy and she liked it. She doesn't need a toy to put in her mouth, she'll grab for watches, bracelets, necklaces, hair, her outfits, fingers, etc.

This is now how Addison likes to sit in her bumbo chair most of the time. This position allows her to get anything within her reach. The other morning she tried to grab 3 items within a minute, so I was trying to get to those items before her to keep her from getting them or knocking them down :) She's growing up so fast!

Below, is a short video of her sitting up by herself on our bed with a special guest appearance by Layla. Lately she likes sitting in a chair with a few of her toys. She'll go from toy to toy and put them in her mouth while she's sitting up in the chair. The back and the sides of the chair give her support if she needs it. Like I said, she is growing up so fast! It's amazing at the changes that occur in a matter of days!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New experiences...

Lately, Addison has done or experienced some different things. Such as:

I mentioned in the last blog post that she has started rolling over. Since this has started, nap time may consist of me going into her room usually more than once and seeing this sweet, innocent face, and having to roll her back over. Doesn't she look so proud of herself??

Today, I caught her staring at herself in the mirror on her activity jumper. She did this for over a minute. I guess she's taking after her aunt Ashlee and I, because we are both known to look at ourselves in any surface with a reflection :)

We went to Target the other day, and I decided to see how Addison would do sitting up in the shopping cart. Someone made her this cute shopping cart cover as a gift, so I was eager to try it out even though I knew she wasn't 100% ready to do this without my support. She did need my support several times during the trip to keep her upright. She enjoyed it for the most part, but she did cry a couple of times. When she cried, I would get her out and carry her for a few minutes, then I would put her back in the shopping cart and she would be fine again. I'm always up for trying out new things :)

Addison loves to "pet" Layla when Layla is close to her. Layla is really a great dog, and will let Addison do anything to her. I guess it helps that Layla likes any kind of attention she can get :)

Today, I decided to put together Addison's space saver high chair. I put it together in her room, and then put Addison in it so she could watch me clean the guest bathroom. Who knows, I may even use it when I feed her!

* Sorry if the pictures aren't the best quality. I've been in the habit of using the camera on my phone more than using our real camera, because it's more accessible at that time.