Monday, February 15, 2010

Good to know...

It's good to know that Addison is still capable of having a meltdown in the car at 11 months of age :) To her credit, it was naptime. We had just dropped my parents off at the airport and were heading home. But goodness grief, this girl was none too happy. She doesn't do this much at all anymore, so it made me a little sad hearing her all upset. We finally made it home, and her crying ceased the minute I got her out of the car seat. Love this little stinker!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas (Better late than never)

Yes, I am finally posting pictures from Christmas. We had Addison's first Christmas with my family in Memphis. We had a great week. Here are some pictures from Addison's first Christmas and other activities we did that week:

Addison being held by her cousin, Sam.

Ethan, my nephew, cheesing it for the camera as always.

Getting some lovin' from her cousin, Carter.

Playing with her cousins, Presley and Coby.

Matthew, Ethan, and Wes at Carter's basketball game.

At her first basketball game sitting with her Aunt Lesle

"Playing" doll house with Presley.

Uncle Jason and Presley

Papaw and Sam

Getting a bottle from Uncle Wes

Unwrapping some of her gifts on Christmas Eve

Is she going to unwrap this or just put it in her mouth???

Playing with Carter

Playing with the gifts Santa brought her. She got this dog that looks similar to Layla, and she loves this animal!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 months

WOW!! Our sweet baby is almost a year old! I'll say it again....this year has flown by! She is such a joy to us, and we feel beyond blessed to be her parents. We can't get enough of her sweet snuggles, her smiles, her we sound in love or what?? As always, I have some things that I want to remember that she's doing right now:(just a warning, this may be long but this is basically her baby are below)

  • Eating a little more table food. Wish this was a faster process with her, but it's not. Progress is being made, so I need to be okay with it.
  • She has 3 teeth now (one on the bottom, two on the top). I can feel the second bottom one (which will be tooth #4) just under the gums, so I assume it will be poking through anyday now.
  • She is finally pulling up a lot. Now that's she's pulling up, she has even tried to move to the sides a little bit while she's holding on to things. Still think we aren't too close to walking. I have learned that she does everything in her time. I didn't think she could really pull up without a lot of coersion and assistant until I saw her do it effortlessly one day like she had been doing it for weeks :)
  • She is jabbering/talking a lot, and it's so funny to listen to! It's like she is having a conversation with us or her toys, but we are just not sure what she's trying to say to us :)
  • She is still imitating/approximating some words. She can spontaneously say 'mama, dada, do (for dog).' We have frequently heard her imitate us when we say 'bye-bye, ah du (all done), aya (layla), dipu/bipu (diaper).'
  • She can find some of the toys we ask for, mostly just the ones that are her favorites.
  • Loves most all her stuffed animals, especially her chihuahau dog that looks like Layla.
  • She frequently will show us what she's playing with and/or bring it to us.

I think those are the main things I want to remember. Now, here are some pictures of her from the past few weeks :) The first four are of her on her official eleven month birthday.

We love you, Addison Darby!!!