Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday at home..

We traveled last weekend, but this weekend we are at home. We got some things done around the house (emphasis on SOME), played with Addison, ran some errands, and watched football. It has been a good day! Here are some pictures I snapped throughout the day, because I've realized I haven't been taking enough this month :)

This is what I saw when I came into the living room. My two loves!

Giving me big smiles!

Layla enjoying some rest in the sunlight, which she loves.

I gave Addison her first meal with meat yesterday, and she finished it off today. She really enjoyed it! I have taken a taste of her veggies and fruit, but I couldn't bring myself to taste you blame me!

Layla snuck in as I was getting this shot :)

I thought this was a silly picture.

My little toy hoarder. I counted five different toys she had snatched from all around her, which were now all in her lap :) She couldn't decide which one she wanted to play with more, so she just went from toy to toy every minute!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

7 months old

Addison turned 7 months old on October 2nd. Time just seems to be flying by! We are IN LOVE with this baby girl! Addison is loving eating her vegetables and you can see she is a good eater :) She is great at sitting up, and has started going from the sitting position onto her belly in one quick movement. Can't tell if she's going to crawl anytime soon, but I know she will do it in her own time. She can roll both ways but doesn't roll all over the place by any means. She will work to get toys that are out of reach as best she can, since she can't crawl. She has the sweetest smiles that melt Stephen and I's hearts. Addison will grab for and try to put ANYTHING in her mouth....which makes me a little nervous when she does start crawling! As you can tell, we are just a little smitten with her. We had her 6 month pictures made towards the end of September, and were really pleased with how they turned out. I posted some of our favorites.

Addison on her 7 month birthday :)

These are some of the highlights from her 6 month photo session: