Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures and what Addison's been up to...

We had some pictures taken of Addison in July, and those were several of my favorites.
Here are some things that I want to remember that Addison has been doing from 15-17 months (Warning: May be boring but these are things I want to remember about her at this age, so feel free to stop reading):
  • Talking. She started with a good amount of single words at 15 months, but since then her vocabulary has really increased. She now uses 2 word phrases (i.e. see it, see ___, ___ please, hold it, sit down, come here) a good amount of the time and will throw in some 3 word phrases in, too.
  • Can say and identify about 10 body parts.
  • Knows a lot of different animals and can make the animal sound that goes with a good amont of them.
  • She's a good eater for the most part. Don't get me wrong, every now and again she'll have her picky times.
  • Still sucks her thumb when sleepy and some for comfort depending on the situation.
  • LOVES her blankets, babies, and stuffed animals!!! She has really started playing with her baby dolls by putting them on her shoulder, putting blankets around them, telling them to sit down, and telling us 'shhh' when she's holding them. Addison has also started becoming interested in purses and putting things in her little purse :)
  • When she sees a something on the floor or if she gets near the trash she says 'gross' or 'nasty.' She will also throw her trash away when I tell her to.
  • She still loves to be read to.
  • Can identify and say the names of a lot of family members and some friends.
  • Likes Elmo and Abbie on Sesame Street.
  • At the end of our prayers when we say 'in Jesus name', she will usually say 'Amen.'
  • Knows that the pantry holds some of her favorite snacks, and will go over to it and ask for the ones she wants. Of course, we don't just give them to her whenever she asks, even when that sweet face adds a 'please' with the request :)

Okay, I'm going to stop now!!!

Addison, you have brought such joy to our lives! We love you more than words can express, and we feel so blessed to be your parents!


  1. Love the pictures! She looks so adorable. I loved reading about everything! Hard to believe she is old enough to do those things.

  2. She is looking like a big girl!