Thursday, May 28, 2009

memphis trip and other pics..

addison spending some time in her bumbo seat. i think she's going to be fair skinned like her momma :) i hope she won't mind spending time putting sunscreen on what seems like every inch of the body, so she doesn't burn.

stephen was being silly the other night, and put addison's hand near the peanut butter m & m bag like she was getting some for herself. hopefully stephen won't be upset with me for posting a picture of him shirtless....and people can't believe that addison has so much hair :)

and to our surprise...she actually got one in her hand :) she's doing more and more with her hands these days. i love these peanut butter m & m's....the only problem is that i can't seem to just stop at one!!

addison and i made our first trip to memphis last week. we flew there, and addison did great on the flight there and back. it definitely took a lot of work traveling by myself, so i will look forward to flying with someone who can help...whenever that may be. of course, we had a great time being with my family. there is nothing i love more than spending time with my family. we always have such a fun time together. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful, loving family! i am so bad about taking pictures when we are out of town, so these picture were all taken by my sisters. i wish i would have taken more pictures of addison and the rest of the family...maybe next time. here are few pictures from the week:

peyton, coby, and i at sam allen's 8th birthday part at pump it up. i even went down one of the slides, and challenged my oldest nephew, carter, in the obstacle course and lost.

presley (my niece), tiffany (my sister), and addison.

addison, ashlee (my sister), and coby (my nephew) hanging out at mom and dad's house.

addison, ashlee, and presley at carter's baseball game. it was addison's first sporting event.

presley and addison. these are the only two girl grandchildren on my side, and everyone has taken to calling them the two divas or the two princesses :) presley loved holding getting to hold addison.
next week, i have to go back to work for the last week of school, and then i'm out for the summer. stephen will be watching her while i'm at work, so i'm glad about that. i work at our neighborhood school, so i'll only be 2 minutes can't beat that! so, pray that next week goes as smoothly as possible :)
have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mother's day and some cute pics...

stephen came home saturday night with these pretty roses. he said that addison had wanted him to pick some flowers up for me for mother's day :) addison is already talking, can ya'll believe it ? :)

here is me and my baby girl on mother's day. it's amazing how much i love this girl. so often i just hold her during the day whispering in her ear that i love her. she fills my heart. a friend wrote on her blog about how thankful she was that God gave her one of His children to raise, and i feel the exact same. no matter what is going on in stephen and i's life, i know God will take care of us. God blesses us everyday (and i know i don't deserve it), and he has a love for us that surpasses our understanding...and for that i'm thankful. so thank you God for your blessings, and i pray that i give addison a glimpse of that kind of love everyday!

i took these two pictures last night before addison's last meal of the day. stephen and i love the cuddle time we get with her when she dozes off in our arms :) the last picture is of her sucking that thumb. when it's time for sleep time, that thumb finds it's way to her mouth.

on a side note, i was driving into dallas (at least a 30 minute drive)to take a meal to some friends of ours who just had a baby. and guess who cried her eyes out (real tears and all) most of the way there and back??? no it wasn't stephen, it was my sweet little addison :) i know you are all jealous ya'll couldn't have been in the car with me, but i'm sure most of you have had similar experiences...what can ya do?!

hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

guess who's 2 months old??

addison is two months old, and is the light of our lives! we love this girl, and couldn't imagine life without her. i thank God everyday for our precious baby....we are so blessed!!

she had her 2 month doctor appointment on tuesday. it went well, except she had to get three shots in her little thighs. thank goodness for tylenol! when the tylenol wore off, she would cry in pain when she moved her legs a lot or if you touched her legs where she got the shots. she was better by the evening, but her painful little cries during the day got to me! here are her 2 month stats:
weight: 10 lb. 11 oz. (50%)
height: 22.5 in. (75%)
head: 15.5 (75 %)

here are some things she is doing at 2 months:
  • making different noises to let us know what she's liking and not liking :) she'll make cooing noises when she's happy about things, and will make these pitiful half cry sounds that last usually half of a second to let us know when she's had enough of a toy, holding position, play mat, etc..
  • smiles frequently when interacting with stephen and i...nothing better than that!
  • frequently uses her eyes to follow me when i'm doing things around her
  • still loves her bath time!
  • has been sleeping 6-9 hour stretches during the night :) i hope posting this does not jinx this wonderful thing!
  • sucks her hand or thumb. on the nights she's gone the long nine hour stretches, we'll go in and check on her, and she is sucking her thumb!
  • her head and neck control seems to be getting better and better. if you put her on your shoulder, she will frequently straighten her back and move her head from one side to the other to check out her surroundings.

i took this picture today. i've been wanting to try putting just a bow in her hair to see if it held, and it did. i thought it looked pretty cute!

when stephen's holding her on his shoulder, her little face looks so cute. so, we tried to capture this on my shoulder. not quite the face i was hoping for :)

addison (in the middle) having a playdate with her boys. ranger is on the left (born in january) and cooper is on the right (born in february).

of course, i have to post a picture of layla. she was hanging next to addison, while she was chillin' on her boppy.

addison and papaw. my parents came for a visit last having them here! my mom helped me clean the house, and get closets and drawers cleaned out. she also went through all of addison's clothes, and put the ones she had grown out of away and organized the ones that she is wearing now. one thing debby can do is get things done! love you, mom!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!