Friday, March 27, 2009

3 weeks...

spending some time with deedee (my mom).

having a playdate with cooper fitzgerald. he is about 2 weeks older than addison. at one point, his little hand was almost in her mouth and he almost got one of his legs across her (he's an agressive little boy) :)

these are some pictures of addison mohawk. we call it her "hawk." we like her hair like this more than we like it laying flat on her head. it gives her character...don't you think?

this is her after bath time. she loves her bath, and hardly ever cries during it. she's like her momma with loving the baths.

trying out some time on the boppy. she's still a little too small for it. at this point, she's not really liking it, but i'm sure that will change as she gets bigger. i think i can use that thing for tummy time, too.
and yes, our child seems to be naked in most of these pictures. i promise that we do have clothes to put on her, but we have to do this so she'll stay awake when feeding and stay awake after i feed her. i know as she gets bigger we will be able to keep her clothed more and more.

our dear friend aaron snow (, came and did a photo shoot with addison when she was a week old. here is a little slide show (the link is located below) he put together of some of the highlights from the shoot. if you're interested in seeing his other work, i put his website by his name. enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 weeks

Addison had her 2 week appointment on monday, and her stats were:
weight: 7.7 (40%)
height: 20.3 (75%) - she's going to be tall like her parents :)
head: 14 3/4 (50%)
she is gaining weight well, so we don't have to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her...yay!! these pictures are from the last couple of days. we've started with tummy time recently, and she got really worn out doing that. i put a headband on her the other day, and she looked so cute! she did get a little mad that day when she managed to pull the headband over here eyes, but i got a good laugh out of it. i almost got the camera out to take a picture of it before i fixed it, but figured i'd have plenty of chances in the future to take a picture of that scenario. addison has definitely been a good baby so far...she's such a sweetie i could kiss her all over (and do quite a bit).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

OU photo shoot

we decided to get some recent shots of addison, so here she is on the OU blanket after she finished eating. i love this face she's making in the bottom picture, and we finally got it on camera. she lost her umbilical cord yesterday, so that was an exciting event in the smith house :) we go to the doctor tomorrow for her 2 week checkup, so we'll see how well she's grown in the past couple of weeks.

Pics of the little girl!

She is Here!

Here is one right after she was born with her daddy.