Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Graham is 9 months old!!

These are some pictures of him on his actual nine month birthday:

Playing in his sister's bed.

Love those bright blue eyes!

He gets to play with his spoon after meals :)

All over the place and getting into things that he shouldn't!

Well, obviously a lot has happened in nine months, and I'm not about to try to catch up on it all. So, we are going to jump from Graham at 2 weeks to now nine months old. WOW, how time flies! Graham was definitely a surprise blessing, but God knows what we need more than we ever could. This little man has filled our hearts and blessed our lives beyond belief, and I am so grateful to be able to be his momma. Here's what Graham is up to at 9 months:
  • Crawling everywhere and pulling up to his knees and feet all the time!
  • Has two teeth on the bottom and working on more, I think.
  • Continues to be a great night time sleeper and pretty good napper. In the morning, he will get up and just chill in his bed until we come to get him...such a sweet boy!
  • Eating fruits and veggies along with his bottles.
  • Starting to introduce more finger foods. Not as good at self feeding as I would like, but gets better every day.
  • Making noise, but not a ton of babbling going on. As a speech therapist, I'm trying not to let this bother me, but we are working on it :)
  • Loves shoes. He has shoe radar, and can find shoes anywhere. He will do all he can to get to the shoe no matter what stands in his way (i.e. objects, couch).
  • Smiles and giggles frequently...LOVE it!
  • Wearing size 3 diapers and mostly nine month clothes.
  • Can clap his hands.
  • Responds to his name and momma and Addison saying "No, sir."
  • Enjoys being in the water at bath time and our little kiddie pool.
  • Tries to put anything and everything in his mouth!
  • He has what we refer to as "old man" hair. It likes to lay flat on his head and parted over. We will try to spike it up, but it's only a matter of time until it flat on his head and parted over :)
I think those are the highlights about our little man at nine months. Graham has been such a sweet, easy baby! Addison has adjusted well to having a little brother, and they are interacting more and more with each other with each passing month.

Graham, we love you more than words can express! You have filled our lives and hearts with so much joy!