Monday, June 8, 2009

3 months old and more..

Addison just turned three months old about a week ago, and we are really loving life with our baby girl. She is the sweetest thing, and we couldn't love her more! God is good! Here are a few things she's doing at three months:

  • 'talking' a lot. at stephen's softball game the other night, i think she jabbered for like thirty minutes straight. this may be a sign that when she starts talking she may never stop
  • consistently sleeping 10 hours at night, and has been doing this for about a month :) now if i could just sleep better, and not wake up numerous times during the night!
  • holding her head up pretty well
  • will sometimes scoot from one end of the bed to the other during the night
  • the girl loves to chew on her hands, which has also increased the amount of saliva that escapes from her mouth
  • she frequently has little spit bubbles on her lips
  • smiles alot
of course, the list could go on....we're pretty proud of her!
just hanging out on momma's lap. you see this a lot at our house.

she was sucking her hand and jabbering while watching her praise baby DVD

just hanging out on our bed, and once again sucking on her hands :)
this past weekend, family came in town for one of our cousins after wedding reception. so, we had some company over the weekend. it was great getting to see them and catch up...we don't get to see each other enough! here are some pictures from our weekend.

cameron, stacey, and hayden stayed with us sunday night. on monday, we just hung out, and played some wii during the day. here's cameron doing the hula hoop.

cousin cameron and addison

jordan, heather, and madelyn stayed with us friday and saturday night. little madelyn is such a cutie, and she was so sweet with addison. she's going to have a little brother in a couple of months, and i think she's going to be a great big sister! here she is playing with addison's feet :)

here she is giving addison a hug...too sweet!

this is my first time to post a video, so hopefully it works. this was addison just talking to me while sucking on her hand...this girl's got talent!