Wednesday, April 22, 2009


gotta love sonic happy hour. i was out just in time to stop and get myself a vanilla coke....a nice treat during the day!

i love target! i went with a friend today to pick up a few things. of course, i got a pair of cute sandals for $10....i really needed them :) they look like the gladiator shoe style that's popular right now. do i own anything sylish to wear along with these semi-stylish shoes? probably not...i guess we'll have to fix that on another trip to target. (sorry, the picture of this sandal turned out really small, and i don't know how to fix it)

whose boppy pillow is this? i think layla enjoys this pillow more than addison. it's the perfect spot for her to hole up in and sleep. oh this dog!!

addison enjoying some time in her bumbo seat. she's doing pretty well in this seat, and she seems to enjoy it. what a sweet face!

i usually don't post during the week. our computer at home isn't the best, so i usually use stephen's work lap-top to do my blogging. well, today i installed the CD that allows me to upload pictures from our camera to the computer, and so far my computer is doing okay. anyway, i hope everyone is having a great wednesday. just thought i should share some pictures from our day so far. now i need to go read for bible study tonight :) nothing like waiting till the last minute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a week in pictures...

the first smile we actually got a picture of. she definitely has some cheeks!

addison in her easter dress.

easter sunday. it was addison's first time to church.

you know you have some chubby cheeks only have had a paci in your mouth for a couple of minutes, and your cheeks now have paci indentions all around them :)

addison during what should have been her nap time. can't get upset that she skipped the nap, when you see a face like that.

just got back from a walk. she did stay awake during half of it.

getting her first bottle from daddy. can't tell you how glad i am that she took a bottle. i love being able to feed her, but it's nice to know that she'll take a bottle as well.

layla nuzzled by addison's arm. she loves this baby girl.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a month old already!!

addison had her one month check-up on friday. i can't believe she's a month old. here were her stats from her check-up: weight- 8 lb. 15 oz (50%) height - 21.3 (75%) head - 14.8 (75%) the doctor was happy with her growth. addison got her first shot on friday, and let me say that i've never heard her cry that hard was a little heartbreaking. here are some pictures from the appointment.

we are loving our little girl. she's doing more and more new things by the week. here are a few things she's doing right now:
- moving her head from one side to the other when on her tummy. she seems to do this more when she's sleeping on her tummy than during tummy time
- vocalizing/cooing more and more during her wake time. it's the sweetest sound!
- smiling more and more when she's awake
- following objects or us with her eyes consistently

hanging out before the shot.

needing the passy to soothe her after the shot.

yes, our little girl is experiencing some baby acne right now. i know almost every baby gets it, but i'm ready for it to go away!

this is addison sleeping in her crib. right now, she spends the night in our room in a cradle. i've been putting in her crib to sleep at least once during the day while she naps to get her used to her future bedtime resting place. she does fine with it, so i think the transition will be easy once we decide to do it. and yes, we do put on her tummy to sleep sometimes, and we check on her frequently :)

all bundled up after bath time.

i helped host a baby shower this weekend, and i had to bring addison with me because stephen had to work. so, i had to make myself presentable, get the baby ready, and make sure i left the house with the things i needed to bring to the shower. so, this was a first for me since she's been born. thankfully stephen was there to help me out as i was getting ready, so we actually left the house on time. we'll see if we leave the house on time when we try to go to church next week. if you go to church with us, you know this is probably not likely, because we're habitually a few minutes late :)