Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Addison!

Addison turned six months old about a week ago. We can't believe she's already 6 months! She is doing more things day by day. We are totally smitten with this baby girl! I took her to the doctor on Friday for her 6 month check up, and here are her stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 11 oz. (50%)

Height: 25 1/2 inches (50-75%)

Head: 97 %

Here she is at her check-up waiting for the doctor to come see her.

Some things I want to remember that she's doing right now:
  • Eating vegetables. So far, she's tried peas, green beans, carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. Green beans are her least favorite right now, but she will eat them. I recently started fruit with her. She's only had applesauce, and seems to like it.
  • Sitting up. She can sit up for several minutes straight without support. This is really nice, because we can put her in a high chair when we go eat, and she likes to be able to sit and not be crammed in her car seat. This skill has also come in handy when I take her to the store, because she can sit in the front of the cart and look all around or play with toys while I shop :)
  • Becoming more and more aware of her enviroment. I went into her room the other day with her on my hip to get something, and she started crying a little because she thought I was going to put her down for bed (she had just gotten up from a nap not long before this). As soon as I left the room, she was fine :) I did this twice to see if that was what had made her upset, and she did the same thing both times.
  • Giggling and laughing more everyday. For the longest time, you had to be hysterical to get good belly laughs out of her, but now she's letting loose with the good laughs more often.
  • Continues to squeal, yell, fake cough more and more.
  • Continues to put whatever she can get her hands on in her mouth, and she will wiggle or move to get that little something to put in her mouth.
  • Does not like having something taken from her that she is enjoying in her mouth, and will tell you about it...not that I blame her :)
  • Loves to be sung to, and really likes the songs that have motor movements to go with them.

Okay, that's enough. I just keep on thinking of different things she does now, but I don't need to go overboard :)

This is what happens when you cough with a spoonful of carrots in front of your mouth.

This was taken by Stephen. They were playing peek a boo together with the burp cloth. She loves her daddy!

Trying out her swing in the backyard. Some friends of ours were getting rid of their swing set, and were giving it away free of charge...we were happy to take it off their hands.

In her hippo towel after bath time. She still loves her bath time!

This picture was taken on her actual 6 month birthday, so I had to include it. Just sitting up on our bed playing with toys.
Happy 1/2 Birthday, Addison! You have blessed our lives beyond belief these past 6 months!

Friday, September 4, 2009

40th anniversary bash!

Last weekend, we flew to Memphis to throw a suprise 40th anniversary party for my parents. My four siblings and I decided months ago that we wanted to do this for our parents, because we knew they would love it! Stephen, Addison, and I flew in Friday and stayed with one of my sisters, and the party was Saturday night. We were in town all day Saturday, and my parents had no idea. The party Saturday night was AWESOME! My parents were completely shocked!! They thought they were going to a dinner to honor a friend of theirs in the construction business, so we had them completely fooled. When they found out that this was a party to celebrate their 40 years of marriage, my parents went back and forth from laughing and shedding some tears. It was one of those moments that I will always remember and cherish, because they felt so honored by us and the family and friends that were there. We even had a slideshow of old and new pictures taken over the last 40 of my sisters went over to there house one weekend when they were out of town and got the stash of pictures :) Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Stephen and Addison at the airport on Friday before we flew out.

Carter, my nephew, loves holding Addison.

Stephen playing poker with Sam, another one of my nephews.

A guys picture from the party: (from the left) Stephen, Will, Tommy, Jason, and Jeff

The happy couple. My mom had several pictures from the night where she was waving at the camera :)

Ashlee and I. Ashlee is the 3rd girl in the family and I'm the 4th.

Here's a family picture we took at the end of an evening of dancing: (from the left) Tiffany, Ashlee, Wes, Dad, Mom, Lesle, and I.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!